Buy on Steam (HTC VIVE Virtual Reality)

Frontier is a virtual reality game where you can experience a world  full of life, be it bunnies in the desert of a grizzly bear in the woods.

The world is dense with critters, birds and more, all with completely intractable physics. You can hunt, pet, or even place animals in buckets. While there are weapons (ranging from sawn-off shotguns to a working sniper rifle) it's up to you how you experience the world of Frontier.

There are three main locations: the desert, snowy woods and the great plains. The desert is full of color, while the woods feature swaying pines that tower over you. The great plains on the other hand is home to herds of bison, and the beginnings of modern civilization in the wild west.

Frontier is available for the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset, and can be purchased on Steam.