Dead Projects

Dead Games 

These games are projects that have been worked on in the past and have either been abandoned or are not in development at all.
Many of these concepts might still be used in future projects, so who knows? maybe one of these will show up again one day!

working title :


ProtestGame is a game with a political focus set in New Zealand's brilliant capital city, Wellington.
While the original concept for this game is not going to be used, the art style might show up in a future VR game one day!
This game is not in development at the moment.

working title :


OceanGame is a partially prototyped concept based around mutating rock-pool-dwellers and a bizzare shipwreck.
This game is not in development at the moment.


PowerGlitch is a first person shooter where you take on the role of a nano-bot inside an old radio.
This game was only a small prototype and is no longer in development.