Tsar Roska

Tsar Roska

Tsar Roska is in development at the moment.
Expected release date : later this year (though low priority).

Tsar Roska is a top down twin-stick shooter with local co-op.
This game boasts a simple and colorful art style along with juicy explosions and destruction physics.

I've been working on this game single handed for a long time now.
Development started back in 2014 as a 'quick' project, though that tiny cartoony game then morphed into a much larger one, with multiplayer, status effects, a forge mode (what, why?) and all sorts of features.
The following year i decided to completely scrap the game and re-start from scratch as a personal programming challenge.

The result from that was Tsar Roska as we see it now (back to its cartoony routes).


This game won't be released until its ready as it simply doesn't feel worthy of sale as it is now.
The most likely time to expect it's release is later on this year.